Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Streaming Movies on TV - What to Expect in 2011

Streaming movies to the largest screen available in any household - TV - has been a hot field lately. This is really good news for consumers as it means competition, here is a brief review of them:

Netflix - the most famous one. It recently even started offering streaming only plan for access to its vast online video library for only $8 a month.

Vudu (bought by Walmart in March 2010) - a competitor of Netflix looks to differentiate with the quality of its streams (HDX movies with 1080p streaming format and optimized for screens 40 inches or larger) and the newness of its releases (many titles arrive at the same time they are released in video stores).

Comcast - it offers free streaming for most shows on its network to paid subscribers through its Xfinity program. Those who get HBO, for example, can stream this season's episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" at no additional charge; some complete back episodes for series like "Dexter" are similarly available. Further offerings can be had on an a la carte basis for rental.

GreenCine - it focuses on independent, international and documentary films. (Its sex-oriented division, AdultCine, is self-explanatory.)

VOD - it sells minutes of viewing time, which can then be spent on its catalog.

Crackle - it streams Sony movies and some TV shows free, with commercial interruption.

Hulu - it offers both free and paid plans. With the paid plan, for a monthly fee, users can watch every episode from the current season of a host of shows and offers increased access to older shows.

Time Warner - it recently announced a plan to stream HD and 3-D movies shortly after they hit theaters. You bet other companies have similar plans.

Amazon on Demand - it offers individual rentals, but users download the movies instead of streaming them. (For example, you can own the classical "White Christmas" for only $4.99)

For consumers holding off on streaming movies because the desired selection or quality isn't available yet, give it a minute. It'll be here in 2011.

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