Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Home Phone System Upgrade Deal Finding

Believe it or not, we still use fixed line phones in my household (on VoIP though in order to save money). We decided to upgrade our household phone systems in this holiday season to take advantage some great prices out there, our requirements are:

a. Multiple phones on one system so one phone for kitchen, one phone for living room, one phone for bedroom, one phone for basement.
b. A few rooms don’t have a phone jack, so we need a phone system with extensions that do not require phone jacks.
c. Dialing pad has backlit, I have found this a huge benefit from time to time in occasions I can never imagine.
d. Hopefully I can still use the phone while I am on my driveway. Maybe not 200+ feet, but a decent talking quality while outside the house.
e. This phone should not interfere with my home Wi-Fi set up, cellphones, etc.

After spending several days and my trademark “junky research” on it, I have came to the conclusion that in terms of cordless phones, Panasonic is top of the line – period! So the next question is, which Panasonic model to pick? After considering price (what else), # of handsets come with it, features, my “junky research” led me to Panasonic KX-TG9344 which has 4 handsets (actually 5 if I include the one on the base unit – which could act as a hands-free phone) with the following great features that I really need:

- Handsets are lightweight and feel well balanced and ergonomically well designed.

- Display is very bright and readable with large letters and excellent contrast, so no squinting or getting out the glasses necessary.

- Handsets can be given individual names such as "Office", "Living Room" etc. No more confusing which handset belongs where when several are out of their holders at the same time.

- Great sound quality is great, even on a VOIP service.

- No more getting wrong calls in the middle of the night with this phone system's Silent Mode: It enables individual handsets to not ring during a specified period of time, e.g. at night.

Oh, the price. I researched everywhere, it seems every retailer is slashing prices. I almost bought from Staples based on its ads on my local Sunday newspapers: original price $129.99 minus $10 instant savings minus the annoying $30 rebate with net price $89.99, plus tax.

But the wise decision I made was at the last minute I checked again the Amazon price, as its price was hidden, you have to place it in your shopping cart to see the actual price (the reason Amazon explains is that its price is too low compared with manufacturer’s suggested prices, it can’t show online in order to avoid disrupting the market price, given how many deal search engines are hard at work right now). Amazon is selling at the same price $89.99, but free of shipping and TAX, and no more rebate mailing (or forgetting)!

If you are also thinking of upgrading your home phone system, I highly recommend the Panasoic KX-TG9344T model with 4 sets from Amaon, check it out by yourself and see great reviews from other users like me.

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