Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gifts to Teachers (and a Little Secret)

We are blessed by our lovely children, but during the X'mas time, one headache always comes up - give what Christmas gifts valued at how much to how many of their teachers?

Personally, based on my informal chat with a few friends who are also teachers, one thing they all desire - cash! (Many people told me they had headaches dealing with the many many packages of chocolates and candies they received during this time of the year. If you hold those chocolates and candies till spring time, they will melt!)

Obviously cash gift is not appropriate, the easy alternative are gift cards, not any gift cards, but Target gift cards. Again, based on my informal survey, Target is a favoriate choice when it comes to shopping.

So this year, while I was ordering the Amazon gift cards from Amazon, I also added Target gift cards to my order.

Finally, I want to reveal a little secret that will guarantee your daughter or son's favorite teachers like her or him more - while you are sending them the gift cards, write a Thank You letter to the principal, praising the teacher for the extra efforts she or he has put to your child, make sure to cite a specific example. Principals will love such feedbacks from parents, teachers certainly will be delighted too!

One thing, just not to abuse such personalized Thank You letters!

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