Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gifts Ideas - What If I Don't Even Know Them?

My last blog discussed my X'mas gifts for our family members, this blog I will reveal how I easily (although after much thought work) solved challenge of deciding what to buy for how much for the 9 people that I don't even know, but I certaily truly appreciate their services!

These 9 people are:

My postal delivery lady
My region's premier newspaper delivery person (I actually got a holiday card from this lady - showing me her lovely family members)
My local newspaper delivery person (I got a card from this guy too - reminding me how hard he has been working for readers like me)
3 trash collection amigos (not an easy job during cold weather)
3 recycle stuff collection amigos (again, tough outdoor job in the winter)

In the past, we always struggled with what kinds of gifts for them - can't be too expensive, can't be too cheap, so we always used the coupons we found around this time of year and spent countless hours to go to the stores to buy the various stuff.

Not anymore this year!

I decided and have subsequently ordered 9 Amazon gift cards from Amazon, each with face value of $10. Three key factors brought me to Amazon:

a. Free 1-day delivery (actually it took them 2 days to deliver the cards to my hand, but still OK).

b. I can add tailored messages for each card recipient.

c. Each gift card comes with a FREE holiday card and envelop.

Amazon has many different designs, with over 350 positive reviews (4.5 stars), make sure to check it out yourself!

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