Sunday, December 5, 2010

iPad or Not, That's Not a Question

This holiday season, many consumers are pondering the following questions: should I get a Tab or not? If yes, should it be iPad or else? Here is a brief pros and cons for each viable gadgets on the market:


Pros: 9.7 inch screen, easy to use (especially for current iPhone and iPod users), an enormous and growing list of applications

Cons: price tag (starting from $499), no camera, n flash support

The best choice is the entry-level, Wi-Fi-only, 16GB model. Don't bother with the 3G version, chances are you will use your iPad only at places where Wi-Fi is available.

Galaxy Tab

Pros: smaller, lighter, has front and back camera, support Adobe Flash content, enormous and growing list of Android Market applications

Cons: price not cheaper (especially after factoring in the monthly 3G service prices, see a good Tab pricing comparison here)

Blackberry Playbook

Based on what known, it's a very promising competitor to iPad, but it won't be available until 2011.

iPad alternatives

Barnes & Noble's NookColor

Pros: lower price, more than just a e-book reader, it also serves as a good web access tool

Cons: 7 inch LCD screen not good, no access to Android Market

Amazon Kindle

Pros: great price, only $139, e-ink display is great to read books anywhere, indoors or outdoors

Cons: not a tablet

The Bottomline

If you really need a Tablet, get an iPad

Otherwise, wait till next year when you have more choices

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