Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

Did you make your new year's resolution? I made mine -

Research more deals, post more blogposts, and get more readers!

In fact, I am pretty confident I already secured the "get more readers" part, as I recently became a moderator of a young forum -, I want to do a little commercial for it - it has tons of subforums that literally cover all aspects of our daily lives, such as how to get more pay on your job, how to make a little more on your side business, how to save on home maintenance, how to get the best credit card deals, how to save for child's college, how to become a landlord, how to invest, how to ... you name it.

Put simply, it's goal is to let ordinary people like us share our wisdoms so together we can make more and save more! Sounds a noble goal to me!

They are still recruiting moderators, I will encourage you give it a try as well!

Good luck in 2011!

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