Monday, December 20, 2010

iPad - My Love and Hate to It

I’ve been using iPad for a while by now, and some people asked me why I spend hundreds of dollars on a gadget with functions that could be performed by a lot other less expensive gadgets. Well, you know for a deal junkie, I only spend money when I see absolute value.

First of all, my iPad has replaced my Kindle. The Kindle App for the iPad makes all of my Kindle books available and even synchronizes where I am in each book between my Kindle and my iPad. Since I’m already taking my iPad with me anywhere I go, there’s no longer a need to take the Kindle as well.

Next, for e-mail connectivity when traveling, the iPad has replaced my laptop. iPad is certainly much better than even the best smartphones when it comes to messaging services. The iPad mail application is a beautiful thing, making it easy to connect to all of my e-mail accounts and show all of my emails with the right formats. Composing and replying to messages is certainly a breeze for me as well - when compared with smartphones.

Third, the iPad has replaced my paper notebook and pen. I now take the iPad into meetings where I previously would always take an ink and paper notebook. I use the Notes application and thumb type notes from the meeting. I then can e-mail the notes to myself very easily.

Lastly, the calendar on the iPad is also great, with reliable connectivity to my Exchange calendar for work and Google calendar for personal use. I no longer use my smartphone's calendar anymore.

Am I perfectly happy with iPad? Probably not. I have to admit I am still not used to the on-screen virtual keyboards. I am interested in the built in Bluetooth keyboard that could overcome this limitation, but I’m concerned whether that will make the totoal package too bulky or not.

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