Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Gift Shopping is Finally Done!!!

Finally, my family's Christmas presents shopping is done! I don't know about you, but I have a mixed love/hate feelings towards this time of year! Thanks God, the booming ecommerce business is gradually making my life easier (in terms of gift choices and price shoppings).

I don't think privacy is a big concern here, so let me tell you how much we spent on what for whom, if you are in the last minute shopping mode, hopefully my list gives you some good hints.

For our kids (the family rule is each kid no more than 3 gifts with total no more than $100):

For the boy:
PokePark Wii game: pikachu adventure wii ($46.54)

Play and learn: Scrabble Flash Cubes ($23.86)

Game again: Smart Ass ($18.65)

Total: $89.05 (less than $100, yeah!)

For the young girl:

Learn and play: Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock ($11.86)

Learn and play: LeapFrog Scribble and Write ($18.36)

(More) Learn than play: The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf ($24.50)

Total: $54.72 (our goal is not to exceed $100, it doesn't have to be anywhere near that amount!)

For the older girl:

Game fun: Apples to Apples Party Box ($18.34)

The shoe she has been dying for: UGG Australia Women's Bailey Button Triplet Boots Footwear ($178)

Total: $196.34 (I know, UGG killed us!)

For the adults:

Health is # 1 concern and we are already using the X'mas gift I bought earlier: Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser ($44.50) (see my review blog post here)

Adult toy: Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi) ($540)

In my next blog post, I will share with you what we have bought for friends, teachers, and people we don't know but we want to appreciate! Stay tuned!

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