Saturday, January 8, 2011

You Need to Try Robotics Mint

Although as a cheapskate, I will recommend you cleaning your room by yourself, rather than relying on a robot. But, if your time is more valuable, the Evolutionary Robotics Mint is a must. Roomba or Neato XV? That's too yestyear!

Why, the Rob Mint has several standout features:

a. It really knows which areas of the room have been cleaned, which areas need extra efforts and it will really do it, energetically!

b. It can avoid those traps such as stairways intelligently, try it yourself!

c. It will leave your floor drier even than you mop it yourself!

d. It's very quiet.

e. It has a long battery life to keep it working, and can turn off by itself when it's done.

f. Most importantly, it really works in terms of cleaning a room, especially a really dirty place, just leave it to Rob Mint.

g. Oh, unlike some other gadgets, it's just foolproof to use, very easy to read instruction and get it going.

The only drawback? It will set you back for $200 at Amazon. Not sure you can get it cheaper anywhere else.

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