Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot Gadgets for Cyber Shoppers

Here is a list of the hot gadgets that every cyber shoppers want to add to their baskets:

Xbox Kinect

Inspired by Wii but it one upper notch, Microsoft's Xbox 360 game console gets a new life with this add-on. It lets you control the action in games by just waving your arms adn legs around and making simple gestures in the air. Just make sure your living room is large enough to accomodate your moves.

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If you just want a Kinect sensor with a Kinect Adventures game, click here.

Apple iPad

Everyone thought the tablet market is dead, but with Apple's iPad, it became hot again. While everyone manufacturer is rushing their tablets to the market, iPad remains THE tablet that everyone is looking for. iPad grew out of its iPhone brother with its own growing selection of apps for iPad with its 9.7-inch screen. It's a must have gift for most teenagers or those who are still young at heart.

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iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G was launched earlier this year, but it remains THE smartphone that everyone is looking for. The antennagate has come and gone, but any buyer has to make sure you are comfortable with AT&T's network and service.

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Android Phones

If you don't like AT&T's service, but still need a hot smartphone for yourself or loved ones, an Android phone is a top choice. The good news is you have many choices, depending on which other wireless carrier you like. For example, Droid X, Droid 2 from Verizon, HD 7 from T-mobile, Epic 4G and Evo 4G from Sprint.

Roku HD

Apple's relaunched Apple TV maybe hot, but this web-media receiver is hotter and cheaper, and it connects to far more web videos, audios, and photo sources.

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Amazon Kindle

If you are planning to get a eReader, which you don't face lack of choices. Amazon's Kindle remains THE choice for its lower price, wide and growing variety of Kindle apps. Advice, get the Wi-Fi version only for lower price, you won't miss anything, trust me. is certainly the place to go to get the Amazon Kindle.

2-tunner HDTV

Forget the 3D TV hype, the HD set you want is one that includes a digital tuner for over-the-air reception and connected TV software to play audio and video from internet sites such as Amazon, Netflix and Pandora. You will be able to save your cable expenses too with this purchase.

Many choices available.

SD Card

Cheap but GREAT gifts! Nowadays, if you buy anything that takes flash-memory cards, you can bet that it accepts either SD or its microSD smartphone version, making a high capacity card in either size a cheap and safe gift!

Prices of SD cards and real low and you have many choices.

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