Monday, November 22, 2010

Google TV - A Deal to Consider This Holiday Season

This holiday season, a host of products have been rolled out to take advantage of the biggest selling season of the year. Sony has several family devices on the market including televisions ranging from 24 inches to 46 inches as well as a Blu-ray player, and Logitech has introduced a digital media adaptor called the Revue ready for purchase.

While any number of consumer devices have access to streaming media – these days, virtually every Blu-ray player, video game console and television comes with Netflix, YouTube and other ways of accessing the Internet – GoogleTv makes the Internet an integral part of the viewing experience rather than something that is just bolted onto an existing platform.

More importantly, GoogleTV and other newly hatched digital media players such as AppleTV and the Boxee Box make the idea of consumers “cutting the cord,” or dropping their paid broadcast TV subscriptions, increasingly possible.

While that world does not exist currently for most consumers, the GoogleTV devices now sitting on the shelf at retailers bring it at least a little closer.

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