Friday, November 26, 2010

Connect PC and TV Wirelessly and Save Money on Cable Fees

Are you still subscribing to Cable TV?  Are you watching movies on your laptop or desktop?  How about save money by getting ride of the expensive monthly cable fees and watch those PC-based movies or shows on your current big screen TV?

Veebeam made all these possible.

Veebeam consists of two parts, the first is a hub connected on TV, the other is a USB Dongle on your PC, they are connected wirelessly.  You don't need a remote control, you control everything on your PC.  You don't need expensive HDMI cable and all the wires.  Its broadcasting speed is up to 480Mbps so you will have no problem streaming netflix, hulu, etc. quality pictures on your current TV.

You can get Veebeam for only $99 at Amazon.  Get it and brag in front of everyone for what you have done!

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