Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get a Free Peel 520 - Better than ZTE Peel

A Nevada corporation and a U.S. Registered & Reporting SEC filer, GoSolarUSA is trying to outline the key differences between its own product, the Apple Peel 520, and Sprint’s ZTE PEEL.

The company begins with a few notes on the features of the ZTE PEEL, saying it is designed to give iPod Touch users “anywhere, anytime” access to the Internet via Sprint’s 3G network.

Citing Sprint, GoSolarUSA adds that the ZTE PEEL hardware that encapsulates the iPod touch costs $79.99 and the data plan is $29.99 per month with a 1 GB limit.

Since it’s also Wi-Fi compatible, the device can also serve as a mobile hotspot, allowing users to make calls using VoIP. However, GoSolarUSA claims that, to use this feature with the ZTE PEEL, purchasing additional hardware is necessary.

By comparison, the Peel 520 provides iPod touch users with “the ability to place voice calls and text messages over mobile phone networks, turning the media player into a powerful smartphone.”

Tyson Rohde, GSLO President and CEO, said that the Peel 520 is currently being prepared for its retail debut in the United States.

“Given the similar name of ZTE’s device, it’s understandable that some iPod Touch users may be confused as to its use,” Rohde said. “We want to make it clear that GSLO’s Peel 520 is still on track to be first-to-market in the U.S. for adding smartphone capabilities to the iPod Touch utilizing mobile phone networks.”

“After fielding inquiries from numerous American retailers about the Peel 520 and witnessing demand first-hand in China, it’s no surprise to us that a tremendous market exists for quality iPod Touch accessories,” he added.

“The iPod Touch is more than a simple media player: It’s a powerful pocket computer. iPod Touch users the world over are primed and ready to explore the full potential of their devices with the help of accessories such as the Peel 520,” Rohde concluded.

GoSolarUSA also said that their Peel 520 is being courted by major mobile network operators. The actual makers of the hardware, the China-based Yosion, has been in discussions concerning a potential joint venture with China Mobile, GoSolarUSA said.

US residents eager to be among the first to acquire an Apple Peel 520 can sign up for the waiting list here.


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