Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where to Find Cheap But Good Collectibles?

The following is an incomplete list of websites for people who like to do online garage shopping.  Just like the physical world's garage shopping, you will often find pleasant surprises:

www.1stdibs.com (if you like to spend money on exotic foreign accent furnitures, this is the one)

www.lumas.com (you don't have to go to art galleries, here is one you can browse anytime)

www.rubyland.com (a collectible fanatic's heaven)

www.beehiveco-op.com (a collection from some of the most famous artists)

www.formerfurniture.com (buy or sell, modern and antique)

www.etsy.com (handmade stuff from hundreds of thousands small mom pop shops)

www.casasugar.com (this should be your first visit each day, cheap but elequent)

www.remodelista.com (artful design, step by step instructions)

www.shopgoodwill.com (cheap but beautiful)



sohaute.typepad.com (design ideas from a designer)

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