Sunday, October 17, 2010

Free or Low Cost Textbook Deals

Nobody wants to spend $100 or more for a textbook, use it for a semester, then sell back for only $12 or less.  The following is a collection of ways to beat the expensive Textbook system:

Use Free eTextbooks
Nothing can beat free, the following list includes some of the most popular sources of textbooks:
1. Check which includes many eTextbooks
2. Check Project Gutenberg which includes many books with expired copy rights
3. Access Open Source Textbooks from
4. Download from to your Kindle or iPhone

Buy Cheaper eTextbooks
1. eBooks cost you half or print versions.  Buy a Kindle for only $139 or iPad for $573, then enjoy eTextbooks from their libraries.
2. Check out which includes many eBooks that you can draw underlines, take notes, or print out to read (max 10 page per print).

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